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Zolinger ZP 2000 Studio Jib - Zolinger Professional
Zolinger Professional

ZP 2000

ZP 2000 Studio Jib
ZP 2000 Studio JibZP 2000 Travel Jib ProZP 2000 Studio JibZP 2000 Studio JibZP 2000 Studio Jib
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SKU: ZP2000

Zolinger ZP 2000 Studio Jib




The new Zolinger ZP 2000 is a heavy duty, versatile and mobile camera jib. It is an ideal jib for field and studio productions. Drag control and locking mechanism allows the ZP 2000 to adapt to various shooting requirements. The telescopic tubular system allows for a precise and fast installation.

The Zolinger ZP 2000 features a telescopic step-less design which can be mounted to any tripod with a 75mm-100mm bowl. You can also attach any 65/75mm fluid head or grab one of our remote heads.

The carrying size of the unit is 120cm. The maximum length is 3,5m. The variable reach from tripod is 150cm or 250cm. Combined with a 170cm tripod, a height of  nearly 4 meters can be reached.

The reinforced aerial grade aluminum makes the jib extremely rigid and flex-free. It  also features two variable shooting lengths each with variable load capacities at a maximum of 12kg.



  •  Jib Weight: 8,8kg (19lb)
  •  Load capacity: 12kg (minimum reach) – 8kg (full reach)
  •  Carrying size: 120cm
  •  Jib size: 350cm
  •  Jib reach: 150cm-250cm
  •  Assembly method: telescopic tube design
  •  Material: aluminum alloy (aerial grade)
  •  Mounts to any tripod with 75mm-100mm bowl
  •  Mount any 65mm-75mm fluid head

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In stock

Warranty: 12 Months

Additional Information

Weight 12 kg

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